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Good Evening Readers!  Combined Yoga Blog + Top Ten List

Today’s yoga is about Tapas, the third of the Niyamas, which is about getting rid of the impurities of life that do not serve you.  There are many kinds of Tapas: the physical act of yoga asanas being a prime example.  However, any time you vent, bitch, scream into a pillow, or mentally go Katniss on somebody- you are doing some mental yoga that your body and mind are telling you to do.  You are burning the useless crap, that you don’t need, and shouldn’t have by getting it out of your system.  Now, I am not saying that it is always appropriate to go bananas all the time, when sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to STFU.  But there is definitely a time and place for this explosion of emotion.


I cry for everything.  When I am sad, here come the waterworks.  When happy beyond belief, sniff sniff.  When laughing, streaks of mascara.  Pissed off, splotchy red cheeks covered in tears.  Pretty much any emotion that I have, it all amasses out my eyeballs.

So, the other day, I was having one of those “ugly cries.”  Most women are aware of what I am talking about.  The kind where you are a nonstop hyperventilating machine, puffy faced, and probably have wiped your nose on your shirt.  However, I find many times, that these weeping sessions, usually brought on by nothing but stress and hormones, and the damn toothpaste that should be pushed up from the bottom (*cough* hubby), are sometimes exactly what was needed.  It is cathartic, releasing, venting, freeing, whatever you want to call it.  This is what Tapas is all about.  Allowing yourself to identify what isn’t doing you any good and getting it away from you in a healthy way.  Blowing off steam (again, safely/healthily) keeps the pot from over boiling and your adrenal glands from going into overload.


And so, have you been holding things in when you need to release them in a healthy and productive way?  Well, guess what?  To keep you from going all Carrie Underwood on someone’s car, I am going to give you my Top 10 movies to cry at.  *SPOILER ALERTS are possible*  These are the films that I, without fail, boohoo at at least once, or twice, or through the whole damn thing.  Afterwards I feel light, like a cancerous chunk has been removed- because it has, metaphorically.  Then I go into the steaming hot shower and imagine all the residue of that flowing away.  The next day is a new one, free from whatever it was I was crying about.

So, embrace the craziness of your Tapas Tears.  Eat some popcorn to keep your sodium levels up, to prevent dehydration, and bring the tissues and the best snuggle object you have.  Please suggest any other films that you have that help accomplish this.  Again, these are MY Tapas Tears films.  I haven’t seen Sophie’s Choice or Bridges of Madison County… but I will.


Every single movie below makes me cry for the beautiful agony.  Bad stuff happens, but life is worth living and getting choked up over.

Top 10 Good Crying Films

(In no particular order)

1. Homeward Bound: When Shadow boy is in the mud pit and Chance won’t give up on him.  Seen it a thousand times, since I was a kid.  Can’t stop.

2. Legends of the Fall:  Pretty much through the entire film.  The best Brad Pitt movie of all time.  Makes me want to move to Montana.  Graphic, best music ever, but definitely a tear jerker.  WWI with three brothers.  ‘Nuff said.

3.  Steel Magnolias:  It’s in my genes.  My mom loves this movie and cries every time.  I cry because my mom is crying, or because I know she would be crying if she were here.  You end up laughing through the snot and tears.  Too many funny quotes to put here.

4.  Finding Neverland:  Magic doesn’t just exist for children, and seeing things through the eyes of a child as an adult, before we leave this earth, is something you need to do.  Clap if you believe in fairies.

5.  Lorenzo’s Oil:  If you didn’t watch this in HS when you learned about genetic diseases, then maybe you were lucky, ’cause turning into a blubbering fool in front of the quarterback of the football team isn’t every girl’s dream.  However, the last moment with the blinking and the story book, and the persistence of a parent’s love portrayed here (and a true story) are so moving, you should watch it.  And if you are a parent of a fully functional child, feel blessed and give thanks.

6. The Blind Side: So I’m a sucker for this movie.  It has one of my favorite poets (Tennyson) + the awesomeness of Sandra Bullock (she speaks German, btw) + power of good teachers + positive messages about issues we need to be aware of + football + true story = Wiping the eyes constantly.

7.  The King’s Speech: Pretty much the end, when Beethoven’s music is playing and the title of the movie is obvious.  The many Oscars were well deserved.

8. Little Women:  When Beth dies and says, “Now I am the one going ahead,” and the end under the umbrella.  Sisters are so important, even though they steal your stuff and are annoying beyond belief sometimes, they are the ones who usually make you laugh until your stomach hurts, and the ones you want when you are crying until your out of tears.

9.  Forrest Gump:  Too many moments to count.  My favorite sobbing part though is when Tom Hanks sees his son for the first time.  I lose it.  He is so much in love, so frightened and so painfully honest about himself and what he hopes.  So many examples of love, from one man.

10. Cold Mountain: The love of friends.  This movie is not about the love story between Ada and Inman for me, as much as it is about the love BFFs, aka Ruby and Ada, share with each other.  Sorry boys, but when you go off to war, we girls can handle things with the help of each other.  Could you?

If you decide to watch these movies… space them out.  Otherwise I’m sure you will have to put frozen bags of peas on your eyes to stop the swelling and will have a hoarse throat from the simultaneous laughter and sobs.


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  1. This is the second blog I’ve read today about the purification process….it’s SO important.

    I would like to add to your list of boo-hoo-ing movies: Rudy, The Color Purple, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

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