One Heart Opener Left!

Happy Friday the 13th Readers!

We are going to play a game, called, “Let’s see if Jillian can blog before for her husband gets home and they have to leave for their evening plans!”  I have no idea when he will arrive, so I am typing like my life depends on it, and I apologize in advance for any errors.

Today’s Heart Opener is a lot like yesterday’s, Camel, just flipped 90 degrees.  Instead of being on your knees, you are on your tummy!  (Hint-Hint to those who have problems bearing weight on their knees, but can still handle the backbends!)  It is Bow Pose!



Bows are BIG now.  Katniss Everdeen, Arrow, Hawkeye from the Avengers, Merida from Brave… they all prefer a bow as their weapon of choice.  Do you happen to see what these people have in common?  Besides kick ass names and multi-million dollar movies/tv shows that is… They are all strong, courageous people who listen to, and do what their heart tells them to do, even if it is tough!  Put yourself among their ranks by bending your spine into their favorite weapon!  It helps pull back your shoulders and stretches from your toes to your head!

ct-red-0323-hunger-games-katniss-20120322-001 Green-Arrow1 TheAvengers_Hawkeye1-Photo-Marvel-Movies-Wikia_800Merida-with-a-bow

Your body has all kinds of muscles.  Tiny ones, big ones, bendy ones, not-so bendy ones, and, annoyingly, shallow ones and deep ones.  The shallow muscles are the superficial ones that we see, or fail to see, whilst wearing bikinis.  The deep ones are the strongest, stubbornest and the most difficult to repair.  There are a lot of them and, rather than type all the names of them in that Bow Pose benefits, I shall just show you labeled diagrams!  Lookie!

accessory_20muscles_20_320x200__798a8a61a3c7541d6d7138a476aebff9 obliques1350666627385

Bow pose works shallow and deep muscles, and is a bit safer for some, because of the knee thing I already said above, and for those who need to protect their necks from flopping backwards.  It is also less of a balance posture than Camel, as more of your body is on the ground.  However, don’t be deceived- it is a big back bend and you should be careful.  Use a strap if you can’t reach your feet.  Do baby Bow where you don’t really lift your legs off the floor, you just hold them and bend!  Most yoga teachers save this pose towards the end of class once your muscles have been flushed with blood.  Focus on utilizing your quads instead of compressing your lower spine by clenching your buttocks to lift.

Ahhhh the garage just opened!  Darn it!  I’m going to have to wrap up quickly!

My biggest problem with bow is that my hip muscles hurt on the floor.  So, I put a blanket underneath them and focus my weight on my tummy instead.  There are some days when this is the posture in which I cannot wait to get because the openness of my shoulders  and chest feels so great.  Although you are facing the floor, your heart is being opened to the possibilities of eventual Dancer’s Pose, Arrow Pose, Double Pigeon and Wheel, which are all the big siblings of Bow.


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