Heart Openers for 2: Valentine’s Day


Welcome Readers!

Today marks the last day of our St. Valentine’s Day themed challenge, of 14 days of Heart Opening Poses.  I am hoping that, in some way, the last two weeks have helped your chest muscles stretch, and opened your awareness to your body and spirit.  It is my sincere wish that you have had better posture, inwardly and outwardly, the past fortnight, and if none of this happened, I just am so honored that you chose to read along!


Unfortunately, I will not be pictured in any of today’s poses, because my blonde fabulousness wanted to focus on Yoga for 2: For Couples, Friends, Partners, Family, etc. in honor of celebrating ALL kinds of love on this day.  However, as the hubby and I are the only two bipeds in the house, with functioning fingers to push the button, but no tripod for a camera, it was proving difficult to think of poses where we both could actually get in it and on the camera!  Factor in the dogs that immediately descend upon us while on the floor, and it basically turned into a giggling fiasco.


I designed my final teach back for my 200 HR certification around Partner Yoga, because I loved doing it while at a workshop, and as it was something different, I wanted to challenge myself.  I enjoy the element of touch very much in any kind of fitness or health practice.  It helps us to be more aware of our bodies, to prevent injury, realign, readjust, and to feel connected.  Believe it or not, many people feel more aware of themselves because their body is in the space of somebody else’s. So many people feel as if we have grown too casual with touch, but I feel the opposite.  I adore it when men in my family kiss my cheek, and it makes me smile ear to ear when I see little kids kiss or hug their siblings.  It especially gives me joy when the teenagers, that I am surrounded by constantly during the work day, choose to display PDA to their parents and siblings, rather than their puppy loves.

And so, below you will see yoga postures designed to be done with two people touching, that all involve Opening the Heart one last time in the two week challenge.  All of them are designed primarily for beginner/intermediates, no crazy acrobatics here.  We don’t want to do a flying somersault before date night on Valentine’s Day! 🙂 Grab someone and give them a try, and enjoy feeling connected to your partner/child/friend, as well as to your yoga practice.


IMG_5864 copy



partner workshop dancer photo_ps





Thank you for joining me on this Heart Opening challenge.  May the contentment, courage and laughter that fills my heart at the moment find its way into your own.

I cannot wait to have you reading along on my next blog!

Namaste and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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