Day 9 of 14: Heart Opener in Rest

Hello Readers!

It is a bit earlier than when I normally blog- but that is because this lady is turning into a pumpkin soon.  Yes, before you peek at your clocks- it is only 6:30 PM, but man alive, I am falling asleep while writing this!

This past weekend was the oh-so-fun, stressful, exciting, crazy, funny, running-around-like-mad regional competition for my kids.  It was on Saturday and, I’m sorry, but this lady needs two days of rest.  I didn’t take off work today, but feel like it would’ve been a good idea.  I am not a teenager anymore, who has the boundless energy of the young.  I don’t even feel like I was a teenager, when I actually was one.  I have always been an old soul.  I like work hard, play hard… as long as that is combined with rest hard.

And so, with that in mind, our Heart Opener for today is one of my favorite ways to begin yoga class, as a centering, or end it.  It is an adaptation of your traditional Corpse Pose.


Jelly Roll Yoga Blanket Savasana (dog not included)

Of course, any prone or supine pose on the floor in my house immediately turns into a doggie pile.  Novi (a.k.a. Stinker) had just drive-by kissed me and Parker (a.k.a. Squeaker) decided that myself was the perfect couch, upon which for her to lounge.  This puppy girl is obsessed with my heartbeat.  She will stretch her neck out across my chest, I think, because her neck is where her skin is thinnest, and, I swear, would stay there forever.  I think the heartbeat is a very evocative sound, and like its presence in music and film.  However, sometimes, especially if you have lower back issues or cervical spine issues that cause discomfort, or if you have been through a particularly rigorous power class, traditional Savasana can put your focus elsewhere than on your heart and opening your chest.


Savasana is the time in yoga to turn your attention back to your heartbeat and your breath- to enjoy the fresh pulsing blood running through your muscles and other sinews, to relish in the sweat and finality of knowing we did something good for our bodies and mind.  To take your Savasana (at the end or the beginning), to the next level easily, jelly roll a yoga blanket and place it underneath you, perpendicular to your body, just below your shoulder blades.  Right below your bra strap, in other words.  This allows a back bend in your hard-to-reach upper back and helps to propel the sternum upward.  Another way to do it (not pictured), is to place the jelly roll blanket parallel to you, along your spine, underneath you.  This opens your chest by allowing the shoulders to drop on either side of the blanket towards the floor.  I have been in Supta Badha Konasana with that particular jelly roll and it was fantabulous and I was kinda a toddler about not wanting to move out of it.  Putting a tucked blanket beneath your neck just adds to the gloriousness.  Both are definitely Ahhhhhhh poses for me.

 And I hope they are for you.  Time for me to snooze!Peace-love-yoga-holistic

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