Day 12 of 14: Should’ve done this yesterday… on Hump Day!

Good Evening my Late Night Yogis!

Ever have one of those days where you feel as if everything you do is off?  Not necessarily a bad day, just as if you are off kilter in some way?  I am definitely having one of those days.  At work I couldn’t focus, at yoga class today I couldn’t balance worth a damn and now matter how many times I tried to do my eye makeup or hair, it just wouldn’t come out right.  Now, those are not life or death things, but man, when there are lots of them, they add up quickly.  Even now, I have started and stopped this blog and have stared off into space for no reason several times.

This is the time where I wish it would be like in the cartoons, where you shake your head and funny noises swish around the junk inside your brain so that it levels out the way it is supposed to.  But we aren’t cartoons and sometimes, we need to do more than just wish for the weird “offness” goes away. Pointing your heart skyward is one way to help lift your spirits and clear your head, so that the fog clears a bit.  Today’s Heart Opener involves just that- surrendering your gaze and heart to the heavens, and whatever they contain, to gain perspective:  Camel Pose.




Camel can be taken in baby camel (calf) steps, with supports like a chair, both or one of your hands, or an upright bolster.  It can also be done in big camel steps, if it is safe for your back, knees, abdomen and chest.    It involves a pretty deep back bend, so maybe saving it for a time during class when your blood has been flowing a bit, is a good idea.  Gravity helps pull your shoulders downward, away from your sternum in Camel, and as your arms flow to your feet, the arm muscles, tendons, etc. from right elbow to left elbow, and everything in-between, are opened across, and back and down with a beautiful stretch.

Those who suffer from Asthma usually love this pose, because the lungs are given more space and your sinuses are given help to release excess yuck.  Allow your gaze to find a spot on the ceiling to focus on, just as you would in Reverse Warrior 2 and use your intention to remind you of your dedication while here.  Palms up is a sign of surrender to the divine, so you can only imagine what Heart Up would mean.  Allow whatever positive force you believe in to see you offering your most vital organ to them and repeat to yourself, “Unclosed, full of space, decluttered, and free.   That is what I am and wish my heart to be.”  Your brain will catch up with your body.

The most important part of Camel (for me), is protecting my neck as you exit the pose.  This should be a big deal for you as well, though especially if you have been injured in the neck.  It is recommended to bring your neck up first, before you begin moving otherwise.  Sometimes I even use my hand to help support my neck up, so as to avoid the “thin-branch-holding-a-heavy-apple” danger, that could pose issues for your cervical vertebrae.

And for smiles, this is a baby Camel.


Nighty night and may your surrendered heart defog your life in upcoming days.

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