Day 11 of 14: Mental Heart Opener

Good Evening Readers!

Too often people associate the word “Yoga” with only the physical postures.  Because of its popularity as a fitness routine, many forget that the asana practice of yoga is but a means to the end- of having clarity of the mind and a peaceful spirit towards yourself and others.  Honestly, I forget this many times, especially because the moment my teacher says, “Take the next hour to surrender to your mat,” I do!  The movements in my body become the method by which I erase my stress from the day and everything else becomes blurry, whereas I become clear.  However, it is important to note that, especially if you are unable to do various postures due to injury or illness- you can still “do” Yoga.


Ever wonder why you feel a sense of relief after you finish kicking your butt cleaning your house, or doing yard work?  What is the reason you will, all of a sudden, decide it is time to take the next few hours to rearrange your cupboards or dressers or organize your garage, basement or attic?  I think it is because the universe is telling you that it is time to simplify your life in some way, because, whether you recognize it or not, you are hovering close to the edge of too much to handle.  Now, I am definitely a Monica Gellar type- I love my label maker, colored tabs, Office Depot aisles filled with organizing systems, and forming lists.  Being a Monica Gellar also means that I am passionate, detail oriented, and very hard working.  Flip side of the coin: I find it difficult to forgive, dislike it when others are in charge and believe that my way is the best.      Many are like me and Monica.


Others are like Phoebe Buffay, who don’t sweat the small stuff, are comfortable in the passenger seat because they can enjoy the view there, and are able to relax without difficulty.  Their flip side is that they often feel listless, frustrated without cause and have difficulty expressing their feelings to others, because they are inept at identifying them.  The part of you that is Phoebe is the reason why you want to feng shui your home, change your hairstyle or take a spur of the moment trip.

However, you feel the same type of relief whenever you do these things too, despite the fact that your personality is very different than the Type A described above.  This tapas, burning of impurities, part of Kriya yoga, is something you need to do more often.  Get rid of all the blockages around your heart before the paddles are needed.


Take a moment in your favorite reflective yoga pose and focus on Opening your Heart.  What desires have you been suppressing that you need to indulge lately?  Although it seems appropriate at the time, to constantly set aside your fun, cathartic or “pointless zoning out” activities for work and other responsibilities, you really don’t want to let it get to the point of “too little, too late”.  This is the reason why people binge eat, over drink and make foolish decisions.  The world is about balance.  Think about water going through a hose.  The water flows slowly when there is no obstruction over the hose opening.  If you cover a portion of the opening with your thumb, in order for the same rate of flow as before to occur, the water needs to flow much, much faster.  The balance of your heart is the same way.

Breathe.  Heartbeat.  Breathe.  Allow.  Breathe.  Open.  Breathe.

St. Valentine’s Day is a day that we celebrate because we too often set aside the romance of life for things that are more pertinent at that time.  Make the choice now to not let there only be one day a year when you celebrate being you and do exactly what you want.  Do it now!

Nighty night!

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