About the Blogger…


She is a woman who wears many hats, all at once.  Here are the Top 10 Hats, in no particular order!

Hat #1:  Wife to an entrepeneuer, the permanent IT and fix-it man in my life, a.k.a the hubs, hubby, daddy/alpha (what ‘ze doggies call him when I imitate their voices), my love and BFF.  He is the Chandler to my Monica, the Phil to my Claire, the Brad to my Jane Kerkovich-Williams and my Mr. Darcy/ Jamie Fraser.


Hat #2: Aspiring author, the oldest hat of the group.  I started writing novels, poetry, plays, and even curriculum, believe it or not, when I was 16.  Haven’t finished a single novel yet because my inspiration comes in flashes of incredible strength, where you couldn’t tear me away from my computer even if you tried… to staring at the screen.  Buzzfeed explains this better here:



Hat #3: German teacher to sometimes adorable, often hormone-filled ninth and tenth graders.  Whether I am crying because they made my day with sweetness or laughter, or if they had made me pour myself a “big girl drink”- I love ’em.  I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in Kindergarten and it is because I love learning, and watching people learn!


Hat #4:  Yoga practitioner and teacher.  Yoga has always been a part of my life in some way, especially yoga therapy.  Many broken bones due to celiacs disease + athlete + clumsy!  However, taking yoga classes started while living in Germany in 2006/07 and a Groupon took my to my studio home, which further helped me to find my amazing RYS.  I became 200 HR certified and am currently pursuing my 300 HR and couldn’t be happier, or more obsessed, with all the learning I get to do!


Hat #5:  Mommy to two rescue doggies (1/2 lab, 1/2 pit bulls), Novi- the big one, and Parker- the slightly less big one.  Both look like penguins.  They are my favorite butt wiggling, snorting, kissey face babies.  They have middle names, many aliases (Bubba, Monster, Baby girl, Duck, Princess) and are my snuggle buddies.  You shall see them forcing themselves into any pictures that I post.


Hat #6: Homeowner, this one is fun and at the same time aggravating.  I dislike home projects, because my German teacher efficiency gets annoyed at multiple trips to Lowe’s or Home Depot, a.k.a The Manly Store, for one freakin’ light fixture!


Hat #7:  Lifetime avid learner.  Honestly, most teachers are!  If you teach me something, I pretty much think you are the coolest person ever.


Hat #8:  Fangirl to so many things.  I read a lot.  I watch TV and movies a lot.  Netflix is a verb for me.  Do you know the following fandom things? ‘Cause I do and love them, can quote from them, can talk about them to no end, and probably have dork-dom paraphernalia of them in my house/classroom.  You should look them up if they aren’t in your vocabulary:  Green Rider, The 6 Duchies, LOTR, HP, Panem, Sunrunners, GoT, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, SITC, Leverage, Disney, The Blacklist, Bones, Hans Zimmer music, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Twilighter, Narnia, Castle, TopGear, Big Bang Theory, Athurian Legends, Myths of anywhere, and dear God, I’m sure I’m forgetting some…

If you tell me more things to go Fangirl over, I will simultaneously love you and hate you.


Hat #9:  Lover of champagne, cherry blossoms, orchids, decorating her Christmas trees, chocolate mousse, memes, her home state (the Mitten is the best!), horses, walking, Queen and The Eagles, movie trailers, epsom salts and essential oils, English tea, dinner group with her friends, board games, and so many more.

Not so much a fan of grape jelly, gorillas, politics, heights, yard work, video games or spiders.


Hat #10:  Type-A person who loves highlighters, color coding and organizing things, her label maker, paper protectors, clipart, the Container Store, Office Depot, has too many file folders in her drawers and on her computer and enjoys the chaos of trying to make sense of this crazy thing called Life!


She is a person who enjoys reading your blogs and so thought, “Why not give it a try?”

Hope you enjoy!

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