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1.  The written material on this blog was composed by the blogger and is her intellectual property.  Please treat is as such.

2.  Disclaimer: The author of this blog is an imperfect human and therefore does not always use commas, semicolons, parentheses and other grammerly things properly.  She even might make purposeful mistakes, like using the word grammerly…which doesn’t exist.  She will try, like, very hard to refrain from, like, making similes where none should exist (pet peeve! STOP saying like all the time!), and will honor the pet peeves of others by using their, they’re and there correctly.  There really confusing for some people! (Teehee) Jillian hereby promises to spell definitely and defiantly the way they are in that big book that explains what words mean, and shall use her other big book to explain other ways to say the same words so she sounds super smartish.  You should be chuckling to yourself at this point, because here above jokes are making her giggle!

3.   All pictures are taken from public google images and are not intended for commercial use, as this blog has nothing to do with making money from the readers.

4.  Regarding any Yoga Postures/Instruction on this Blog *Please consult your doctor before you begin this, or any exercise regimen.  If this, or any other posture or yoga practice shown on this site is painful to you- stop immediately.  Any posture you attempt, from this very first one, until the last one written, is taken at your own risk.  Neither the author of this blog, nor anyone else affiliated with it, is liable for any injury on your person.  Please read the contraindications section of the Blog before you attempt anything, and research further yourself if you are still unsure.  This Blog is for information and entertainment purposes only.*

5.  Is open to suggestions- want a topic to be the focus?  Let the Muse know!

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