A Poem for Yoga Class


Happy 4 AM Readers!

So, I want you to know that although it has been over a month since I last blogged, that does not mean in any way that I am no longer here.  I have about a dozen half written rough drafts that I will eventually blog, once life stops getting in the way for a moment.  But luckily for me, every now and then my brain gives me a surge of energy when I would be otherwise occupied (with sleep) and I can tell life to “back off!” for a minute while I write.

Today I give you a poem that I have written to read during yoga class, or just for yourself.  I love poetry of all kinds, because for some reason, it is the most evocative form of literature for me.  The images that spring into my mind when reading, or writing, poetry are instantaneous and vibrant, whereas when reading or writing novels, they are fuzzy around the edges until I read through the end of a story, and then begin again with new eyes!

I hope you enjoy it and internalize its message during your next practice.  Feel free to use it with my blessing.

On Me: A Message From Your Yoga Mat

When your feet touch my fibers,

You are no longer a pebble,

Amidst the millions of others,

Falling down with the shifts of those around you.

On me: you are a Mountain,

You can outlast the torrent that comes.

As your toes feel my cushioning,

You are not a victim,

With your head bowed in shame,

Cowering from that which you cannot control.

On me: you are a Warrior,

You have no need to be afraid.

As you feel my safety below you,

You are not a careworn adult,

With dozens of worries that plague your mind,

Wracking your body and spirit.

On me: you are a Child,

Your job is to laugh, enjoy and play.

As you ground your feet into me,

You are not awkward or ashamed,

Trapped in a body you don’t understand,

Or speak to, or listen to, or love.

On me: you are a Dancer,

Grace and movement are your calling.

As your gaze finds a spot upon me,

You are not curling inward upon yourself,

Hiding your nature or thoughts,

Fearing that others won’t see your light.

On me: you are a Cobra,

Rising to meet any who come your way.

As your hands settle into me,

You are not grasping at life,

Unable to see the beauty that surrounds you,

Or focus on what is truly important.

On me: you are an Eagle,

Everything is within your gaze.

As your back rests against me,

You are not drowning in waters,

Of stress, change, time or worry,

Going upstream at work or home, or both.

On me: you are a Fish, a Dolphin, a Turtle,

You can breathe through these waves.

As your shoulders accept my support,

You are no longer striving and shoving,

To be a success at this thing called life,

Or feeling pain, fatigue or evil yearnings,

On me: you are a Corpse,

In a better place and doing better things.

As you bow your head toward me,

You are not a creature of darkness,

Being ignored despite your work and toil,

Or unappreciated, forgotten or snubbed.

On me: you are Namaste,

Your light has made me see mine.

From my heart to yours.

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